Why Hire a Wedding Planner

Congratulations on your Engagement!
As you begin to envision ideas for your Wedding Day you may be unsure of exactly where to start this process. Typically, this includes locating and obtaining specialized services, allocating and making the most of your budget and securing reputable vendors. Before worries begin to mount as quickly as costs, many couples seek the knowledge and expertise of a Certified Wedding Planner.

My philosophy surrounding this is simple, for the handful of truly "precious moments" in one's life, why not make it as stress-free, perfectly unique and as enjoyable as it can possibly be?

A Professional Wedding Planner is a valuable resource that should not be considered a "luxury". I believe your personal time and money are precious, and the last thing you need is to be worrying about every little detail going smoothly during your big day. Instead, I prefer to work closely alongside each bride and groom allowing them to relax, enjoy each moment and create priceless memories.

As Wedding Planners, we are a huge creative resource. After listening to your dreams and wishes we bring forth numerous ideas and suggestions to make sure your vision truly comes alive. While your venue may provide an on-site coordinator, keep in mind they vary greatly from an independent coordinator. An on-site venue coordinators' main priority is to ensure that only the facility runs smoothly. They do not cover nearly the scope of what an independent coordinator will.

Wedding Coordinator's work closely with each couple to set and follow their budget. We know what items within this industry cost, and the difference in value. By maintaining a neutral position, coordinators can often act as a mediator or buffer in cases of relational tension. As well, a planner's focus, among many other things should be to take on any wedding related stress, allowing you and your fiance to truly enjoy this journey.