Psychology of Color

Color is a very powerful psychological tool that allows you, while planning your wedding, to deliver a message and provoke desired feelings for both yourselves and your guests in attendance. Below are some basic descriptions to consider when choosing your theme or palette....

– A strong color that evokes the powerful emotion of passion, lust and energy. It is commonly associated with pride and strength, as well as symbolizing vitality.

Blue – This is a cool, calming color that shows creativity and intelligence. Representing loyalty, strength, wisdom and trust. Blue is believed to portray spirituality and open the flow of energy.

Green – The color of nature and health, it represents growth, harmony and fertility. Green is a relaxing color that is easy on the eyes. Favoured to promote balance and a sense of order.

Purple – Throughout history purple has been associated with loyalty, prestige and luxury. Symbolizing power, purple is often used to portray leaders.

Yellow – Represents happiness, youth, cheerfulness and playfulness. Yellow is full of creative, intellectual energy, and imparts a sense of establishment and awareness.

Pink – Pink is the color of universal beauty and love. It represents caring, tenderness and self-worth, and is believed to highly increase calming and contentment.

Orange – Combinations of Red & Yellow, Orange is a bright healing color associated with fun & warmth and having appetizing qualities. Believed to increase oxygen supply to the brain and stimulate mental activity.